Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I had to upload this for my class.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I've been wanting to post these pictures forever, but there were just so many!! China is so funny! The english signs... they're instant classics! Or the t-shirts. I swear half of the Asian population wears shirts with english sayings on them- except for half of those don't even make sense! It's just so funny! This is a taste of what we say daily! "Chinglish" signs are everywhere in China, yet they never cease to entertain you!!

 This was in our school... the first grader's hall. CLASSY!
 Well, then why are we here?!
 Thanks!! I'll remember that next time I'm at an ocean!
 A sign in Weihai. Just love it!
 Face bleach. Who knew?!
 I just loved it when things were misspelled.
 A sign in the bathroom of our hostel in Beijing
 Probe outside??? No thanks!
 ... WHAT?! This sign was next to the next picture...

 Very poignant.
 I LOVE Kelly... but she was one of the worst perpetrators!
 Tell me how to do that.
 Ya... we still just don't know what that means!
 I took this one for my sister. I just thought it was funny they had Red Bull in China.
 Well said!
 This was a shirt I found for sale at the underground market. I just don't know...
 At the Buddhist temple
 I hear praying works better than preying... just sayin
 Classic! :)

 I think Kayla and I broke that rule by blowing bubbles on this gondola.
 We've now entered a mix of England and the Kaysville theater.

 This is correct in China, I just found it ironic!

 I'm so confused!

 Blast! I wanted to scribble so badly! China... always ruining my schemes!

 I find it funny that it was sponsored by the AMERICAN express company.

 Confused? So are we.

 That can't be right...
 Ya. That was me. Sometimes I think I'm funny.
 It looks like an AGGIE sweater!
 Spongebob has a girlfriend?! Ha! They had the funniest keychains there!
 And there truly were wild monkeys!!!

 The drawings were helpful! PS WC means water closet.

This is just a taste of the signs!!! There were many more! I would have been taking pictures constantly if I'd tried to get them all! Some of my kids' shirts... :) Haha! Speaking of which, I still miss my kids! :) Anyway. Chinglish! Always a source of entertainment!